Travel and


96% of global destinations have imposed travel restrictions.

The Indian aviation sector is looking at speculated losses in excess of Rs 8,200 crore in the coming quarters as international and domestic flights stay grounded.

10-20% job losses among its 7.3 million employees in restaurants across the country would mean up to 15 lakh people may be left unemployed.

The hospitality sector witnessed a decline of more than 65% in occupancy levels in the third week of March as compared to the same period in 2019.

Hospitality is projected to report over Rs 30,000 crore of loss of revenue during 2020.

Source: Business Standard, April 2020; JLL India Report, April 2020; IATA; UNWTO, 2020; National Restaurants Association of India, 2020.


Guarded, well planned domestic travel may
replace spontaneous adventures.

International travel may take the biggest hit because people are fearful of falling sick in a foreign country.

People bitten by wanderlust or looking for escape from their boredom will look to domestic travel albeit caution.

Solo travel as well as travel with small kids might see a dip.

Future travels may be well-planned in terms of stay and places to visit, in order to limit unwanted exposures to health.

Familiar and known may be the new comfort zones.

The seeking for unexplored, lesser-known places may get replaced by new comfort zones.

Comfort zones may be places that they know, have visited or the ones that have good support infrastructure.

People may want to go to places and cities where the infrastructure is good, with a good track record on cleanliness or where they can have easy access to good healthcare in case needed.

Hygiene may supersede exotic or authentic food experience.

Earlier, people wanted to try out new cuisines at local, authentic restaurants. Now they may not go to great lengths to find the most authentic restaurant in a remote part of town or have a dinner in a stranger’s home.

Post COVID, people may prefer to go to bigger restaurants which are deemed more hygienic.

Cleanliness ratings may play a key role in the choice selection, along with the process of checking and screening other tourists staying in the place.

Staycations may replace vacations as people
look for a break from monotony.

Better, branded hotels even if they are more expensive might be preferred because of high sanitation standards.

Even the choice of location while travelling might get more strongly linked to the presence of a trusted chain of hotel in that city.

Staycations will rise as people will use it as a safe getaway for their families.

People may seriously consider taking travel and health insurance for travelling even domestically.


Travel and stay may be for unwinding and less for exploration and discovery.

The explorer's itch to see something new, experience something that only a few in the world have may get completely redefined by the need for safety and hygiene.

Safety to be the new theme for travel portals.

Creating sanitized holiday packages which offer everything from safe places, to certified commuting, access to doctors and smaller groups.

Dial up the destination in terms of messaging around safety and the medical infrastructure around the destination.

Strong tie-ups with health insurance/ travel insurance providers.

Destination advertising to change to destination + key hotel property advertising that can be positioned as both beautiful and safe.

Hygiene, house-parties and Work from home may dominate the narrative for hospitality.

Stand-alone apartments on Airbnb which a family can occupy may matter more.

Certification of cleanliness for the place and staff may be of utmost importance.

Process followed to maintain cleanliness and hygiene while cooking may be especially important as well as sanitation of place between occupancies.

Providers like Airbnb need to show support to hosts by creating cancellation insurance. This builds trust and positive imagery.

Give out villas or rooms for house-parties and smaller group gatherings. Give out rooms for work from home purposes.