Shared Economy and
Public Mobility.


Even before being declared a pandemic and the lockdown, there was a drop of 40% to 50% due to consumer panic.

India shared mobility market in 2018 was $630.7 million which was expected to become $3467 million by 2024.

With hygiene and safety factors coming into play, this may be one of the most hit sectors as these factors have not been on top priority.

Work from home and ease of working policies with limited travel may further impact the industry.

Post lockdown there may be no sense of relief as people might be skeptical of availing these services.

Source: Economic Times, February 2020.


Large population of the country may
not let the industry down for too long.

A large percentage of Urban India uses PT, Cab, shared cabs etc.

Daily commute needs might not change as not everyone has personal transport.

The need to use public mobility may come into play soon with hygiene becoming the top priority.


Safety of a new kind, may be the
‘X-factor’defining the category.

Affordability and availability have been the drivers of public mobility while safety has always been a concern. Now, safety may get redefined in the category as hygiene. Cleanliness may be the single-most critical factor shaping this sector.

Carpooling to ‘car-dualing’.

Limiting carpooling to 2 persons only. All modes of transport should set-up emergency number in case any user feels that it is unhygienic, or the driver looks un-well.

Hygiene implementation becomes critical.

Cab aggregators may have to ensure all cabs maintain hygiene – driver masks, sanitizers in all cars might become critical.

Periodic checks and reports to be made public. Sanitization to be done on a regular basis.

Premium services, disposable hygiene kits may drive efficacy.

Premium service could be offered where the driver and his car could have hygiene and sanitization certification.

Disposable seat covers, plastic separation between the driver and the passenger to make the experience contactless.

Disposable hygiene kit consisting of a fresh mask, fresh pair of gloves and a small bottle of sanitizer could come in tearable, use and throw paper bags.

Self-drive options may increase.

Companies could look at new business models and look at self-drive options wherein both the company and the cab owners earn.